World-class act! Pinoy pole vault champ EJ Obiena is on a mission to bring top-notch gear to young athletes

EJ Obiena is using his platform to create opportunities for young Pinoy athletes whenever he can.

Pinoy pole vault champ Ernest “EJ” Obiena may be flying high in his sport but he admits that it takes a village of generous supporters to enable athletes to reach the peak of their potential.

The Olympian shared that as an athlete who represents the country in the international arena, his dreams started when he was young. As the son of a pole vaulter, it came naturally for him to develop a passion for sports, and this is the same reason why he wants to inspire others through his athletic performance and his collaborations with different brands.

He said that providing an opportunity for young dreamers is part of his purpose in striving so hard to represent Filipinos to the best of his ability.

“And that’s what I’m trying to do – give our youth the OPPORTUNITY they badly need to change the course of their life, and to make a positive change through sports. If a single pole vault pit in NCR can take the Philippines to the international stage, imagine what 1 or 2 or several pits around the country can produce. The Philippines is not lacking in talent but we do lack equipment,” he explained.

Fans were impressed with EJ’s goal and vowed to help him achieve it.

“A noble gesture to help the young athlete.”

“May God be with well,no vise and train hard,That the only way to earm an olympic medals.”

“GOD bless you EJ. Proud of you for your effort and concern about our Phil. Sports.”