Why Sofia Andres credits her brother Bryan as the family’s glue—‘He’s our angel’

Actress Sofia Andres opens up about the special bond with her brother Bryan, who has Down syndrome.

Actress Sofia Andres might be the family’s public face and acknowledged breadwinner, but she believes her brother, Bryan, is the real heart and soul of their household.

In an interview with broadcaster Karen Davila on her vlog, Sofia revealed that Bryan, who has Down syndrome, is the one who keeps their family united.

“Feeling ko siya ang angel namin kasi he keeps us together. Feeling ko siya yung bumubuo sa aming pamilya, kahit ngayon,” she shared.

Despite their parents, Eric and Monette, being separated, Bryan’s presence has a powerful, unifying effect on them. “Even my dad, kahit may problem sila ni mommy, bigla na lang sila nagbabati,” she added.

Bryan, who is 17, has faced numerous health challenges, including brittle bones and a stroke at a young age. Yet, his extraordinary sensitivity and caring nature hold the family together.

“Hindi siya nagta-tantrums. Mas sensitive siya. Kapag malungkot ka, kakamustahin ka pa niya. Very sensitive siya talaga,” she described.