Why Archbishop Soc says his furry companions reflect God’s love perfectly

Archbishop Soc Villegas tells us why his dogs remind him of God's love.

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but for Archbishop Socrates Villegas, his dogs are more than just pets.

In a touching video post on Facebook, Archbishop Soc shared how his dogs, Cotton and Trooper, are a constant reminder of God’s love.

“I come home late at night, in the afternoon, or anytime of the day or night, and Trooper and Cotton will be there jumping with joy to welcome me, asking me to cuddle, caress, kiss them. They are always happy to welcome me back home,” shared Archbishop Soc.

“Such is God. The Lord welcomes you back without rebuke, without resentment, without turning you away. The Lord is just happy to welcome you back with excitement,” he added.

Netizens were quick to agree with Archbishop Soc, sharing their own love for their fur babies. “GOD loves dog, dogs have unconditional love.” “Even if I dont have a dog and will not have, I got the message – God is excited to welcome me back. Listening to it with conviction.” “Yes, Bishop!! My furbabies always welcome. me.back with all the love and excitement in the world. Just like God who loves me, forgives me and gives me.peace.” “Thank you Father Soc for your words. I have five dogs po. Koko, Miggy, Luna, Pluto and Casper. They love me and I love them so much more in return.” “Good morning fr, soc thank you for your inspirational sharing about your cute dog, it’s a good feeling when you take care of animals it gives you joy.” “Thank you po Bishop for sharing us those inspiring & touching thoughts. Your dogs are so smart and adorable po. They have shown us their instinctive ways of welcoming you joyfully and excitedly which is truly a wonderful comparison, leading us all to feel and see God in them po…”