Wealth guru Chinkee Tan drops major parenting truths: Don’t make your kids too comfy

Wealth coach Chinkee Tan reveals the secret to financially smart kids, and it’s about teaching them to hustle.

Every parent hustles hard to provide for their family, especially their kids. For those who grew up in poverty, the dream is to give their children a comfortable life, free from the struggles they faced when they were young.

But wealth coach Chinkee Tan, speaking to broadcaster Bernadette Sembrano on her vlog, argues that this mindset might be flawed.

“The reason why you became so driven, why marunong ka sa pera is nanggaling ka sa wala,” noted Chinkee. “Ibig mo sabihin ibibigay mo lahat ang gusto ng anak mo? So we are raising a generation na comfortable, hindi driven, privileged pa nga ang iba,” he pointed out.

Sharing his own family’s experience, Chinkee reveals that he and his wife never let their kids get too comfy, even though they’re well-off.

“Hindi kami nagbibigay ng allowance, mula pinanganak sila hanggang ngayon. We will provide everything, pagkain, education. Pero kung gusto mo pera na pambiling extra, magtrabaho ka,” he says.

“So bata pa sila they do chores. If you do chores, they get paid,” adds Chinkee.

But it’s not just about the money. Chinkee emphasizes that this approach needs to be balanced with love and support.

“It must be more relational than transactional. Rules pero walang relationship, equivalent rebellion. Rules plus relationship, equivalent sa compassion,” he explains.

“We tell them the rules pero we are gracious in terms of relationship,” he adds.