We love a practical queen! Kaila Estrada saves a ton by doing her own makeup

Kaila Estrada does her own makeup to save on hiring professionals.

Apart from being a talented actress, Kaila Estrada just revealed that she has another trick up her sleeve. She’s actually an excellent makeup artist and saves a ton by doing her own makeup.

In an interview with Pep, Kaila shared that before she made her showbiz debut, she saw the value of learning to do things on her own to save on money and expenses. And this is why she spent time to learn doing makeup to save on the cost of hiring beauty professionals.

“When I started modeling when I was 17, and kind of modeling and doing content creation, I decided to teach myself how to do my own makeup. Well, one, it’s expensive to get glammed all the time, you know, to hire a makeup artist, a hairstylist. So I would pretty much just go to events and do my own makeup for certain events because it was more practical for me,” she said.

Later, the “Can’t Buy Me Love” star said that even when she could afford to get glammed up by professional makeup artists, she would choose to do her own makeup because she knew her face best and she enjoyed doing it on her own.

“I really enjoy it, and I could save up a lot more, and I’m in control of my own time, you know,” she said.