Veteran actress Dina Bonnevie reveals how her daughter Danica taught her the power of forgiveness

Actress Dina Bonnevie opens up about healing through her daughter, Danica’s advice.

In the usual circle of life, parents are the first teachers of their children, imparting life values and moral lessons. But for veteran actress Dina Bonnevie, she admits she has learned some important lessons from her daughter, Danica Sotto-Pingris, including the act of forgiveness.

In an interview with broadcaster Karen Davila on her vlog, Dina shared how Danica helped her forgive those who hurt her after her breakup with ex-husband, comedian Vic Sotto.

“Danica told me all of a sudden na she just wants peace. God just fixed everything,” said Dina. “God works in wondrous ways. It was His way of healing me… Everything just fell into place,” she added.

Dina recounted her journey of seeking answers after her separation. She studied various religions, hoping to understand why her life turned out the way it did. Unexpectedly, her search led her to the church of the person who had hurt her, which left her in disbelief.

“We were going there, andun sila. Nasa harap sila, sa likod kami. Pareho kami ng church. Nakakailang. Masakit yun. Ayoko nagkikta kami sa church. Masakit din sa mga bata pag nakikita sila,” recalled Dina.

It was actually Danica who advised her mother to let go of the bitterness and learn to forgive, trusting God to fix everything.

“Hindi natin pinupuntahan yung tao sa church, yung Diyos. Para sa Diyos, pantay pantay tayo lahat,” said Dina, quoting her daughter.

Dina took her daughter’s advice to heart, releasing her bitterness and submitting herself to the Lord. “I decided that I’m going nowhere. I’m full of bitterness. Ayoko na maging bitter. I forgave na. I forget it na,” said Dina.

The result was profound. Dina and Vic were able to become better co-parents despite their separation. “It was also the key why we were able to co-parent healthily. Everything just fell into place,” added the actress.

Now, Dina and Vic have their respective families, while Danica and her brother, Oyo Sotto, have theirs as well. All four of them are able to maintain a harmonious relationship, thanks to the lessons of forgiveness and acceptance.