Uncle Roger meets Lumpia Queen: It’s a Pinoy snack-tasting collab you can’t miss!

'Lumpia Queen' Aby Marquez introduces Asian comedian and food critic Nigel Ng (a.k.a. Uncle Roger) to popular Pinoy snacks.

The collab everyone was waiting for finally happened!

Lumpia Queen Abi Marquez took a break from whipping up the coolest Pinoy dishes to team up with online comedian and food critic Nigel Ng, popularly known as Uncle Roger.

Instead of sharing her iconic lumpia with Uncle Roger, Abi introduced the Malaysian internet sensation to some classic Filipino snacks.

On Instagram, Uncle Roger sampled suman moron, mangoes, ube polvoron, and Oishi Ribbed Crackling, thanks to Abi.

“Ube or Pacquiao? Uncle Roger trying Filipino snacks for the first time with @abigailfmarquez,” he captioned the post.

First up was suman moron, a banana leaf-wrapped rice dessert with chocolate. “Mmmm… It’s good,” said Uncle Roger.

He also liked the taste of Oishi Ribbed Cracklings, vinegar-flavored chips. “This is the best potato chip. F*** Pringles,” he said.

Next, Abi had him try mangoes dipped in soy sauce. “Uncle Roger likes mango. But mango and soy sauce… No!” he responded. Abi teased back, “Uncle Roger has no taste.”

Lastly, he tried ube polvoron, a sweet, powdery treat with ube filling. “Ube or Pacquiao? You only have to support one. Pacquiao is past his prime now anyway,” he joked.

Suffice to say, it was “FUIYOH” all the way for Uncle Roger!