Tondo Med wins big with 2nd Gold Trailblazer Award!

The Tondo Medical Center was awarded the Gold Trailblazer Award for its outstanding healthcare.

The Tondo Medical Center just scored big with its second Gold Trailblazer Award from the non-profit governance reform group Institute of Solidarity in Asia for its top-tier healthcare services.

The hospital received this honor on June 19 for advancing to the Proficiency Stage of the Performance Governance System (PGS), according to Dr. Jeffrey Castillo, who leads Tondo Med’s Office for Strategy Management, in a Philippine News Agency report.

“This award recognizes Tondo Med’s commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery, innovative practices and outstanding patient care,” emphasized Castillo.

“With this, our employees are assured that they will receive the necessary training to further develop their expertise and most importantly, our patients are assured that they will only receive the highest level of quality healthcare,” he added.

As a Department of Health Level 3 hospital, Tondo Med previously bagged the same award during the Initiation and Compliance Stages of PGS, which has four stages: Initiation, Compliance, Proficiency, and Institutionalization.

This system aims to reform governance and enhance service delivery across Philippine public sector institutions by adopting global best practices in strategy management.