Tissues ready! Sandara Park makes emotional reunion with Grade 6 adviser

Sandara Park cries after hearing kind words from her grade school teacher.

It was a touching moment for K-pop idol Sandara Park when she managed to reunite with her Grade 6 adviser during her recent trip to the Philippines for her Dara TV YouTube show.

Accompanied by fellow idol Minzy, the former 2NE1 member took a nostalgic trip down memory lane to her alma mater, Pasay Chung Hua Academy, where she studied grade school. While Dara orchestrated the surprise, it was her teacher’s earnest words that brought on the waterworks.

According to Dara’s adviser, she couldn’t be prouder of the global superstar Dara has become. From the shy girl in her class who wouldn’t dare to recite, to the confident and successful entertainer she is today, Dara has come a long way, she said.

But what really touched her teacher’s heart is that despite all the fame and glory, Dara has stayed true to her roots and kept her values.

“We didn’t know that she would become like this, open up and bloom to this very pretty young lady and a confident lady. She has also kept her values, she is a very fine lady,” she said.