TikTok star’s dog proves once again why aspins are the best fur babies

Social media personality Fonzi declares his aspin as his sweetest dog, and netizens agree.

Social media personality Fonzi has officially declared his aspin (Asong Pinoy) as the absolute sweetest among his pack of canines.

In a Facebook post, Fonzi is seen bonding with his fur babies, which include an aspin, a Siberian husky, and a Pomeranian.

The video clip shows the aspin staying close to his fur dad, eagerly seeking hugs and cuddle time. Meanwhile, the Siberian husky roams around, and the Pomeranian is busy barking and playing with a sock.

“Sa lahat ng aso ko yung aspin talaga ang pinaka sweet sa lahat,” Fonzi declared.

Netizens wholeheartedly agreed! Fans flooded the comments with love for their own aspins:

“ASPIN pinaka sweet na doggie”

“Sweet and intelligent talaga mga aspin lods”

“Super sweet at loyal sila”

“They’re the sweetest!”

“sa true lang. malambing talaga ang aspin kesa sa ibang lahi”

“The way he looks at you So cuuuute!”