This Pinoy farmer from Cebu City turns crop crisis into community blessing!

Farmer Emelio Secretaria harvests tomatoes that are too small to sell, so he chooses to give them away to his neighbors and anyone else interested.

The scorching grip of the El Niño phenomenon has hit hard, leaving a trail of drought and extreme heat across the Philippines.

For farmer Emelio Secretaria and his fellow tillers, it’s been a battle against nature’s fury, with crops wilting and yields shrinking under the relentless sun.

Emelio’s tomatoes, once bursting with promise, now fall short of market standards, too small to fetch a fair price.

But instead of just throwing away his produce and letting his hard work go to waste, Emelio chose generosity over despair, sharing them with his neighbors instead.

“Para dili ma sayang free harvest ta diri dapita Basta pang kunsumo lang, daghan pa kaayo ni mga 15tawsan kilos nga tomatoes for free,” said Emelio, who owns four hectares of farmland in Barangay Sudlon 2 in Cebu City.

(Para hindi masayang ang libreng ani dito, basta konsumo lang, marami pa ring 15 kilos na kamatis na libre.)

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, neighbors flocked to Emelio’s farm, eager to lend a hand and take home some of the bounty. Some also even traveled from neighboring towns, answering the call to help dispose of the surplus produce.