‘This is your victory, too!’: Meralco Bolts dedicate historic win to company’s office and field employees

Newly-crowned PBA champs Meralco Bolts shared the glory and spotlight with the company’s employees, linemen, and office workers.

Winning a championship takes more than just blood, sweat, and tears. It requires dedication, passion, and an insatiable hunger for glory. While it’s easy for champions to bask in their hard-earned victory, the newly-crowned PBA Season 48 Philippine Cup champs, the Meralco Bolts, took a different approach.

Instead of keeping the celebration within their 15-man lineup, coaching staff, and loyal trainers, the Meralco Bolts shared their joy and triumph with the entire Meralco organization—from office employees to field linemen, and everyone who keeps the power company running.

In an Instagram post, the Meralco Bolts expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the behind-the-scenes heroes.

“It’s very special for the guys that’s been part of the organization since Day 1,” said Meralco Bolts main man Chris Newsome, who was also named PBA Season 8 Philippine Cup Finals MVP.

“And also, the Meralco employees, I mean, the guys working in the office, all the linemen that are risking their lives to have the power on for us, those things that go unnoticed, and all we have to do is go out there is play and represent them,” he added.

“I’m proud and honored to be able to bring that championship to the Meralco organization, for all the employees of Meralco,” he said.

The Bolts noted that Chris’ message wasn’t a one-off occasion as he consistently conveyed this sentiment throughout the tournament.

“Before every game, @new11new leads our team prayer: ‘…as we play this game we love for the organization of Meralco, our families, and for You’,” said Meralco Bolts quoting Chris. “This is your victory, too!,” added the Meralco Bolts.

Last Sunday, the Meralco Bolts clinched their historic first PBA championship by defeating their heavily favored rivals, the San Miguel Beermen, in Game 6 of the PBA Season 48 Philippine Cup Finals. This victory marked a significant milestone for the Bolts, who entered the league in 2010.