This giant paella dish showcases the best of the Cordillera region!

Chefs from top restaurants in Metro Manila helped whip up the gastronomic wonder 'Paella ala Cordillera,’ feeding at least 1,000 people in Baguio City.

Imagine a scene right out of a biblical story: Over 1,000 people feasting on a unique fusion dish at the Melvin Jones Football Field in Baguio City on May 29.

Bringing these people together is the “Paella ala Cordillera,” a combination of the flavors of a classic Spanish dish with ingredients from the Cordillera region.

Cooked in a gigantic three-meter diameter pan, this epic paella was whipped up by more than 10 top chefs from prominent hotels and restaurants in Metro Manila as the culminating activity of the Department of Agriculture’s Farmers and Fisherfolk Month.

In a report by the Philippine News Agency, the star ingredient was 100 kilograms of Chong-ak heirloom rice known to be solely planted, harvested, and produced in Pasil, Kalinga—a vital part of the local culture and identity.  

“This is not just rice for us, this is our culture, our lives, and our identity as people of Pasil,” said Kalinga Governor James Edduba.

The dish also included 30 kilograms of onions, 40 kilos of red and green bell peppers from Benguet, 40 kilos of native chicken, 10 kilos of peeled garlic, 10 kilos salt, 15 kilos of “kiniing” or smoked meat from Mountain Province, 20 kilograms Abra longganisa (smoked sausages), 10 kilos “pinunnug” or blood sausage from Ifugao, four kilos chicken powder, a kilo of paella spice and 15 liters of olive oil.

Fresh vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots rounded out this culinary masterpiece.

”The Paella ala Cordillera is a dish that presents ingredients representing the whole Cordillera in one dish,” said Joel Pascual of the World Food Expo.