The dopest doggo! Rocket board pooch is the content we didn’t know we needed – until now!

A doggo showed off his rizz in the streets with his modified skateboard.
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A viral video of a dog on a skateboard has wowed the collective internet audience not just because of his chill vibe but because he has extra rizz on his board.

The owner of the skateboarding doggo wanted to turn up his coolness by a notch by adding rocket boosters to his ride, making him catch the attention of even the most nonchalant passersby. The rockets were actually modified from scooter wheels before they were attached to the board so they are completely safe for the pooch.

Netizens from all over the world were impressed by the way the dog navigated the streets and seemed to lord over his cool accessory to other doggos.

(4) Facebook

“That dog is cooler than everyone here”

“Those fake thruster engine lights are dope!!!”

“The chill on this lil homie….when that lil dog passed and was like Whaaaaa…he just looked back like”

“remember when dogs just started learning to skate, now look at them. Its going to become one of there past time hobbies in the future.”