Taganak Island residents celebrate the joy of electricity after nearly 40 years!

Taganak Island finally got electricity after four decades following a Php46 million investment by the National Power Corp. that funded the building of three diesel-fired power generation units.

After nearly 40 years of anticipation, the residents of Taganak Island in Tawi-Tawi are finally experiencing the simple joys of having electricity.

Nestled at the southern tip of the Philippines, this island town can now ease the heat with electric fans, iron clothes, cook rice in rice cookers, charge phones and other electronic devices, and brighten their homes with light bulbs.

This welcome change for over 1,000 households began on June 18 when electricity supply began reaching the island. Thanks to the Php46 million investment by the National Power Corp., three diesel-fired power generation units, each with a 50-kilowatt capacity, were installed, lighting up Taganak Island.

Mayor Mohammad Faizal Jamalul shared this exciting development in a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, adding that there are plans to increase the power capacity further to connect the remaining households on the island. There are over 2,000 households on Taganak Island.

“Throughout my 49 years in Taganak, his dream (of having electricity) has become a reality. Just imagine the people who were ahead of us, who struggled throughout their lives without electricity,” the Inquirer report quoted Jamalul.

Plans for the electrification of the island started way back in 1984 but these did not materialize due to several factors, including concerns about the impact of electricity on the island’s long-term viability as part of the protected marine area.

Taganak Island is nestled within the Turtle Islands Heritage Protected Area, recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Centre as the largest marine turtle nesting ground in Southeast Asia.