Sustainable fashion, for the go! Talented DIY seamstress is giving ukay finds a major glow-up

Seamstress Kim Ronolo is putting her practical skills and creativity to make unbelievable ukay transformations.

If you’re wondering if sewing lessons in Homes Economics classes will bring you money and follows in the future, the experience of this local content creator will perhaps inspire you to put your practical skill and creativity to good use.

Kim Ronolo now has a loyal following by breathing fresh life into ukay finds to make them fashionable and contemporary.

What’s more, Kim’s sewing sessions also involve her cute furbaby Mimong, who chooses her “working time” to ask for cuddles and nap in the middle of her project, delighting her followers even more.

Check out how Kim transformed a lacy ukay number into a sexy DIY Marimar outfit.

Who would have guessed that this oversized long-sleeved shirt could turn into a cute dress perfect for rampa?

She also transforms this outdated polka dot outfit into the perfect casual OOTD.

Kim also has her fair share of bashers who tell her that upcycling ukay clothes are cheap, but she brushes them off by saying that giving new life to discarded clothes is much better than contributing to fast fashion that adds to textile pollution.