Snappy salute! Pinoy soldiers get tiny uniform tweak that screams national pride

The Philippine flag patches may be a small uniform change but it packs a big patriotic punch for the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Pinoy soldiers will now be rocking the Philippine flag patch on their battle uniforms, making a bold statement of national pride and solidarity.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines recently announced this powerful move—not to make a fashion statement but to reinforce patriotism among its troops.

The flag patch will serve as a constant, visible reminder of the AFP’s unwavering commitment to upholding the country’s sovereign rights and territorial integrity, said AFP Chief Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. at a press conference.

So, every time a soldier puts on his uniform, he’ll be reminded of the honor and responsibility they carry to protect the Philippines. “The announcement reflects the AFP’s effort to provide vivid representation in carrying out its mission with honor and pride,” Brawner added.

This initiative comes at a time when tensions between the Philippines and China are running high. Just last month, a violent clash between Filipino soldiers and the Chinese Coast Guard personnel in the West Philippine Sea resulted in a Filipino Navyman losing a thumb.