Small but mighty! Rizal’s brave boys bag Batang Bayani Award for foiling robbery at convenience store

Two boys were awarded the Batang Bayani Award in Rizal province for their vital role in thwarting a robbery at a convenience store in Binangonan town in February.

Sometimes, bravery comes in small packages.

In a stunning act of courage, two boys from Rizal province were recently celebrated with the Batang Bayani Award by the Calabarzon Regional Police Office for thwarting a robbery at a convenience store in Binangonan town in February.

These pint-sized heroes remain unnamed for their safety, yet their actions spoke volumes, earning them accolades for “their exceptional bravery and civic-mindedness in aiding police authorities in preventing a robbery,” said Brig. Gen. Paul Kenneth Lucas, director of the PRO4A in a Philippine News Agency report.

While specifics on their heroic deed remain undisclosed, Lucas applauded their lightning-fast thinking and decisive actions, which ultimately led to the apprehension of the suspect.

Presenting them with certificates of recognition and some well-deserved treats, Lucas personally praised their exemplary conduct, noting how their valor not only upheld the essence of heroism but also served as role models for community vigilance and collaboration.

On top of their accolades, these young champions, still in their “tweener” years, also bagged scholarships from local NGOs, further solidifying their status as hometown heroes.

“This is proof that not only police officers like us can be heroes, but also ordinary citizens, whether young or old. Their actions will forever be linked in the history of Calabarzon…” remarked Lucas.