Slaying with stretchmarks! ‘President’ Nadine puts body-shamers in place by showcasing her stretch marks on IG

Nadine Lustre cleverly hit back at body-shamers and encouraged her fans to embrace their imperfections by putting her stretchmarks on display.

The Internet’s President Nadine Lustre once again delivered an empowering message of self-love to her fans, even without saying a word.

In one of her recent Instagram posts for a beverage endorsement, Nadine once again showcased her eye for aesthetics with a shot of her back while holding the drink, captioning the post with only the word: Cheers!

However, what caught her fans’ attention was her subtle but deliberate photo which shows her back area sporting stretch marks which is a common insecurity among Filipinas.

Nadine, who has been very vocal about loving one’s body and shrugging off body-shamers, cleverly delivered her response to those who saw stretchmarks as a flaw. In doing so, she also encouraged her fans not to be affected by society’s standards of beauty.

“I’m so glad that the person I admire has the same stretch marks as me, this is sooo empowering!”

“it boost my confidence, this post helps me to love my flaws and imperfections even more.”

“All that ‘estetik comments’ are slowly fading away na kasi truth be told, hindi nakaka-‘aesthetic’ pero hoyyy, daaamn, girrl. Slaay, queeen! 😭”

“I love the stretch mark mareee 🔥🙌”

“I’m so disturbed with my stretch mark all over my bum due to pregnancy, yet her she is posting her tiger stripes 😍”