Single-handed victory! One-armed MMA fighter makes sensational debut at One FC

One-armed fighter Jake Peacock wins decisively for his One FC debut.

One-armed MMA fighter Jake Peacock has shown the world that even though he is limb different, he has what it takes to become a professional fighter.

In his debut at One FC, Peacock was pitted against Kohei Shinjo, one of the rising stars of One Fighting Championship’s (One FC) bantamweight division.

It was an exciting matchup for fight enthusiasts but it became an even more sensational bout when Peacock pulled off a unanimous victory after the three-round match.

In his interview, Jake thanked the Thai people for their hospitality in hosting him for the week and a half before his One FC debut. He also thanked his supporters for constantly believing in him.

Peacock was born with one arm but he was raised in a household full of athleticism. His father played professional football with Chelsea and Newcastle while his grandfather played for Charlton Athletic.