RIP Replay Button! YouTuber Kryz Uy shares how her little chef Sevi helps in the kitchen

Kryz Uy shared how her son Sevi likes doing things in the kitchen.
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Kryz Uy has plenty to smile about even when she’s hanging out at home. Her second son, Sevi is her adorable little helper in the kitchen with his penchant for “cooking.”

Kryz shared the cute scene with her baby donned in his mini chef’s hat and he even got to take his pick of aprons before his mom handed him a bowl and a whisk to mix some eggs.

While Sevi’s grasp may still be clumsy, he clearly likes doing stuff in the kitchen with his mommy and Kryz is just too happy to hang out with “shoti.” Netizens also liked how Kryz was communicating with her kids in English and Bisaya.

“Ang cute ng chef, tulo laway , sarap kurutin, helping mommy daw, yun pala mommy help. Chubby cute little chef”

“so adorable,,, helping mommy mommy help,,,”

“’Butang egg’cute cute sevi”

“Overload mix of cuteness in here”