Pinoys in the Ton! 2 Filipino actors appear as Lords in ‘Bridgerton’

Pinoys were represented in Netflix’s period romance “Bridgerton.”

Two Filipino actors have appeared in the latest season of “Bridgerton,” filling fans with pride.

In the first episode, debutante Francesca Bridgerton (Hannah Dodd) has a somewhat awkward encounter with three lords at Lady Danbury’s ball.

The first lord to speak is Lord Basilio, portrayed by Filipino-British actor James Bradwell. He appears again in the second episode at another ball, where Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) attempts to charm him, inadvertently reminding him of his recently deceased horse, which leads to a humorous conversation. Bradwell impressively showcases his ability to cry on command in this scene.

Bradwell introduced his character, Viscount Basilio, on Instagram, expressing his delight in bringing the first Filipino name to the roster of Lords and Debutantes. Initially, the role had a different East Asian name, but Bradwell requested a change to reflect his Filipino heritage, which the production team enthusiastically supported.

Bradwell also highlighted the presence of another Filipino actor, Martin Sarreal, who plays Lord Barnell. Sarreal’s character interacts with Penelope during Lady Danbury’s ball, following her dramatic new appearance. Sarreal celebrated the inclusion of two Filipino actors in the “Bridgerton” universe on Instagram, sharing behind-the-scenes photos and a picture with Bradwell.