Pinoy netizens, celebs cheer Leonardo DiCaprio joining conservation battle at Masungi Georeserve

Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio has joined calls to protect Masungi Georeserve, an important geological area that serves as an inspiring story for conservationists.

Local rangers and conservationists at the renowned Masungi Georeserve have gained an ally in Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has joined the fight to protect this expansive conservation area nestled in the rainforests of Rizal.

The Hollywood star recently took to Instagram to rally against the Philippine government’s move to nix a crucial agreement shielding Masungi from land-grabbing activities.

“This cancellation would set back the success of an internationally acclaimed conservation effort and leave the area vulnerable again to mining, logging, and illegal developments,” said DiCaprio.

Reminiscing on Masungi’s brush with destruction in the late ‘90s due to rampant deforestation, he credited local communities and dedicated conservationists for turning the tide and making this lush haven bloom back to life.

“From these conservation initiatives, trees were able to grow taller, wildlife numbers slowly increased, and more locals became involved in protecting this ecosystem,” he noted.

But the hard-won progress achieved at Masungi could be undone if the protective agreement is revoked, the actor warned.

“Conservation successes like Masungi serve as a reminder that the Philippines can become a leader in sustainability, eco-tourism, biodiversity protection, and climate action,” he said.

Filipinos, including celebs, flooded the comments with love and gratitude:

“Thank you @leonardodicaprio 🔥 Bravo @masungigeoreserve for keeping on! Amazing to see the world stand with the brave work you do!” commented journalist Karen Davila.

“Way to go! Thank you @leonardodicaprio for bringing attention to this!” said TV host Marc Nelson.

“Thank you so much for this awareness and call @leonardodicaprio ; such a noble endeavor, it’s a pity that most Filipinos ourselves are not even aware of this. Thank you. Will definitely share this 🙏,” added actor John Arcilla.

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