Pinoy Gen Z’s work style: All about the local life and working solo, study reveals

Turns out, most Pinoy Gen Z are all about staying local and working solo.

A new study by health maintenance organization PhilCare revealed that a crop of this savvy generation—those born between 1997 and 2012—would rather hustle in the Philippines than work abroad.

The study, “Wellness Index: An Updated ABC of Pinoy Gen X, Y, and Z” also revealed that 55% of the Pinoy Gen Z employees would rather work independently—an indicator of their strong value for freedom and self-direction in their careers.

And here’s another fun tidbit from the study—more than half of Gen Z is gearing up for their futures by juggling part-time gigs rather than getting confined to permanent roles.

“While working in a team environment is not an issue for Gen Zs, the desire to work independently is perhaps their way to showcase their skills and abilities to their employers,” said PhilCare president and chief executive officer Jaeger Tanco in a Philippine Star report.

Even with shiny opportunities abroad, nearly half, or 48% of these young pros are keen on keeping it local.

But still, there are fewer Gen X (born 1965-1981) and Millennials (born 1981-1995) itching to work abroad compared to their younger counterparts. But when they do look abroad, it’s all about soaking in new cultures and leveling up their personal growth.

“After all, an international experience can boost one’s competitiveness and marketability in the global job market,” added Tanco.

PhilCare aims to use these juicy insights to craft solutions that hit the sweet spot for Filipino workers across all generations.