Pinoy engineering students invent device for easy blood disease detection in remote areas!

Two students from Eastern Samar State University in Borongan City have designed a device that makes sickle cell detention easy and accessible to remote areas.

Students from Eastern Samar State University (ESSU) have designed a game-changing “sickle cell detection device” to help Filipinos in remote areas access life-saving blood disease tests.

Behind the invention are Aubrey Balangay and Christian Casaba, both junior computer engineering students, who developed this tech to accurately spot sickle cells from blood samples.

“This is intended for remote areas to detect sickle cells because most remote areas cannot access hospital care. They have no means to acquire an immediate blood test,” said Christian in a  Philippine News Agency report.

Sickle cell disease is a major genetic disorder affecting many countries, according to the World Health Organization. It causes red blood cells to become crescent-shaped, leading to blood clots that can result in severe pain and damage to bones, muscles, and organs.

The students’ invention was featured at the 2024 Easter Visayas Regional Science, Technology and Innovation Week, held from June 25-27 at the People’s Center Library in Tacloban City.,

Some of the cool features of the device include its ability to save images and results using cloud storage and flash drives. It can also automatically reveal the presence and the number of sickle cells from blood smear images.

While the device is still awaiting patent approval, Aubrey and Christian hoped their exhibit would attract funding to bring their vision to life and help more people get immediate diagnosis and treatment.