Pinoy boxer Hergie Bacyadan brings double pride to the 2024 Paris Olympics: Here’s why it matters

Olympian boxer and member of the LGBTQ+ community Hergie Bacyadan is set to carry the Philippine and LGBTQ+ flags in the 2024 Olympic Games.

When boxer Hergie Bacyadan steps into the 2024 Summer Olympic stage, she will be carrying not just the Philippine flag but she’ll also wave the LGBTQ+ flag with honor.

In an Instagram post by One Sports, Hergie shared her intentions to represent both her country and her community with equal pride when she slugs it out in the Olympic Games.

“Bilang pagiging ano rin… pusong lalaki at katawang babae, ini-encourage ko din yung iba parang kung kaya ng lalaki, kaya ko din na babae,” said Hergie.

“Yun ang lagi kong bitbit: na ano man maging journey ko sa sport na ito, lagi kong dala yung pride ng community,” she added.

Hergie also emphasized her unwavering focus on her goal: winning medals for Team Philippines, despite any criticism or negativity that may come her way. “Laban kung laban, parang ganun. Alisin ang mga iniisip, magfocus lang sa laban,” she said.

Hergie is one of the 15 elite Filipino athletes heading to the 2024 Paris Games next month.