Part Pinoy fight coordinator Jojo Eusebio, among the movers of Hollywood film ‘The Fall Guy’

Fight coordinator Jojo Eusebio uses his skills to deliver heart-pounding stunts in “The Fall Guy.”

Action movies rely heavily on their stunts, and “The Fall Guy” is taking it to the next level with some of the most incredible practical stunt work ever seen on screen.

Given its focus on a former stuntman, “The Fall Guy” boasts a topnotch team of stunt artists led by veteran Chris O’Hara, who even received the first-ever “Stunt Designer” credit from a major studio.

Director David Leitch, known for his stunt background, highlighted the importance of stunt designers in creating fight scenes and high falls, acknowledging their creative leadership.

The elite stunt crew includes part-Filipino fight coordinator Jojo Eusebio, known for his work on films like “John Wick” and “Black Panther.” Eusebio expressed his honor in working with Leitch and O’Hara, emphasizing the value of contributing to exceptional projects and leaving a lasting legacy.

“Working on this film for the last portion of its production was an absolute honor. Being part of projects with talented crews and leaving a lasting legacy is what matters most. As long as you’re contributing to something exceptional, it’s all worth it,” Eusebio said in a report by Rappler.