Nuggets, but make it monggo: Food vlogger Abi Marquez’s latest kitchen adventure

Award-winning food vlogger Abi Marquez gets virtual high fives for her innovative recipe that combines healthy monggo with nuggets.

In her latest culinary experiment, food vlogger Abi Marquez decided to shake things up in the kitchen by crafting nuggets with a twist. Instead of chicken as the main ingredient, she opted for the ultra-healthy monggo to pack a flavorful punch.

“GALING NITO! Gumawa ako ng nuggets gawa sa monggo,” said Abi, sparking curiosity among her followers. “Saan mo to ididip?, BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, Suka/Vinegar, Mayo/Aioli,” she asked.

She said her monggo nuggets earned immediate praise from her family, who couldn’t get enough of its surprising flavors.

“Approved ng family ko! Magugustuhuan raw ng mga bata at hindi mo mahahalatang agad na monggo lang. Laking tipid rin nito vs using meat,” she proudly shared.

Her latest creation also got the stamp of approval from netizens:

“Sarap nyan.”

“Pwede replacement sa tokwa kapag nag-gisa ng monggo.”

“Recipe po, pashare :)”

“Malunggay dip para maging parang ginisang munggo narin”

“Try ko.”