Northwestern University mechanical engineers’ solar-powered rides hit campus streets

Mechanical engineering students at Northwestern University have created solar-powered cars to ferry students and teachers around the campus.

Senior mechanical engineering students at Northwestern University in Laoag City are revolutionizing campus transportation with solar-powered electric vehicles.

Crafted from recycled materials and powered by five rechargeable batteries, these eco-friendly vehicles can travel up to 23.5 kilometers before requiring a recharge. But with a solar panel fully operational, these innovative automobiles can zip up to 30 kilometers.

The student constructed the vehicles from scratch, drawing inspiration from the reliable owner-type Jeep and transforming scraps into efficient and sleek rides. These vehicles will be used to ferry students and teachers around the campus.

The project was originally initiated by electrical engineering students and was eventually tackled by their mechanical counterparts, who added more mechanical components for a smoother ride.

“We thought of this project to address the pollution problem and the increasing prices of crude oil. Even though most of the parts are recycled, the most expensive components are the battery, electric motor, and the solar panel,” said Rolly Ramos, the students’ adviser, in an interview with Philippine Information Agency.

Meanwhile, Efren Marquez Jr., one of the students who pioneered the project, encouraged students to champion green projects to save the planet.

“My advice to future mechanical engineering students is to think positive and create projects like this one, too, to promote renewable energy so that we can help save the Earth,” he said.