Nobody deserves to suffer forever! Fans happy to see more peaceful, refreshed Amber Heard in Spain

After the Hollywood circus that came with her very public lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp, fans are finally happy to see Amber Heard living her best life with her daughter in Spain.

Despite the criticism and negative publicity that she received at the height of her very public defamation lawsuit brought against her by ex-husband Johnny Depp, Aquaman star Amber Heard seems to have found peace and happiness as she moved to Spain with her daughter Oonagh Paige.

In a video clip posted by a fan, Amber is seen happily obliging an autograph request for a Funkopop figure of her character Meerah while her daughter adorably calls her back to her side.

Seemingly acclimated to the language and culture of her new home, Amber even responds to Oonagh in Spanish. Fans of the actress were happy to see her very natural interaction with her baby and wished her well as she lived a life away from the spotlight of Hollywood.

“This is the most calm and refreshed I’ve seen this woman in a long time. I’m happy for her.”

“I am happy to see her happy, stay where you are loved and respected woman”

“Good for her nobody deserves to suffer forever, I hope sheds has learned a valuable lesson, which she seems to of done and I hope the rest of her life is happy and healthy”