No script needed! Fil-Aussie vlogger Jette Blackman proves her genuine care for everyone

Four-year-old cutie Jette Blackman proved that she’s as genuine as it gets.

Jeraldine Blackman of the popular Fil-Aussie vlogger family The Blackman Family recently shared a heartwarming message she received about her daughter Jette from one of the makeup artists they worked with while in the Philippines.

According to Jeraldine, Twinkle, the makeup artist praised Jette for her insightfulness after the four-year-old noticed that she wasn’t wearing her ring on her finger but around her neck as a necklace.

As it turned out, the ring belonged to Twinkle’s husband, who recently passed away. Upon learning this, Jette recalled that her own Inang and Itay were also in heaven, and she quickly asked her mom if only people from the Philippines go to heaven.

The child, associating heaven with death, became clingy and told her mom she didn’t want her to go to heaven.

“This kid will not be like this if not because of your great parenting. I don’t want to patronize you but in the short hours that we were together, you were as authentic as you can be, talagang wala kang arte, the way you laughed, tells your story and how you go back to your roots and stay grateful!” said Twinkle, acknowledging that what she previously thought were Jette’s scripted responses on cam were actually her genuine reactions.

“I never thought that all of those videos are scripted. I think and i believe that Jette is genuinely loving and sweet little girl. I agree with her, good parenting is the key for all of these.”

“Aww jette was so so sweet, I agree with her you did a great job in raising your kids….”