No regrets! How content creator Chris Punsalan put his life on hold to care for his grandma in her final years

People were touched by the meaningful speech that content creator Chris Punsalan shared about caring for his grandmother in the twilight of her days.

For most people, the years after college graduation are the perfect time to explore new opportunities and venture out into the world. But content creator Chris Punsalan made a life-changing decision to become a full-time caregiver for his grandmother, who was battling severe arthritis—a task that most young people would balk at.

“Because I loved my grandmother very much, I decided to take on the responsibility of being her full-time caregiver,” Chris shared in an inspirational speech to graduates at the Tarlac Training Center.

“We helped her get ready every morning, helped her with every meal, made sure she was hydrated, made sure her medicine was taken, helped her bathe, brush her teeth, everything and anything that you can think of that you can do for yourself, we helped grandma do it,” he continued.

Chris has no regrets about dedicating those years to caring for his grandmother. Through her, he was able to connect with millions of people by sharing their day-to-day bonding.

However, he admitted there were times he questioned why he was given such a heavy responsibility.

“Now that I’m on the other side. I understand that the one who gets wisdom loves life. The one who cherished understanding will soon prosper. Through God’s grace, I was able to help my grandma live the most comfortable last chapter of her life,” he said.

“I miss my grandma every day and through all the wonderful people I meet, I’m reminded of how special of a person she was,” he added.

Chris recalled his grandma often saying in Kapampangan, “Don’t leave me,” but in the end, it was she who left them behind.

“God carried us through the difficult times and shined a light on the good times for us to appreciate. Whatever endeavor you decide to take on next, my hope is that you build a strong relationship with God. Through him, anything is possible,” he said.

(Chris Punsalan/Facebook)