New King of YouTube! MrBeast avenges Pewdiepie, overtakes T-Series as most subscribed YT channel

MrBeast overtook the Indian music channel T-Series as the most subscribed YouTube channel.

MrBeast has officially overtaken T-Series as the most subscribed YouTube channel, and he made sure to announce this milestone across his social media platforms. In true MrBeast fashion, he even gave a shoutout to fellow YouTuber Pewdiepie while celebrating his new title.

Gamer Pewdiepie once reigned supreme as the most subscribed YouTuber before his friendly rivalry with Indian music channel T-Series series for the top spot.

MrBeast entered the fray and also overtook Pwediepie in subscriber count before the latter announced that he was lying low on uploading content to focus on his family as he became a first-time dad. Since becoming a father, he has used his platform to share tidbits about his family and his life in Japan.

MrBeast, for his part, committed to bringing more top-tier content to his fans, even going so far as performing philanthropic acts all over the world in addition to challenging his viewers with contests that can earn them a huge sum of money.

MrBeast currently has 266,707,995 compared to T-Series’ 266,706,387. Pewdiepie remains among the most subscribed channels with a solid 111 million followers.