New K-pop group BEWAVE drops aegyo-filled dance cover of ‘Salamin, Salamin’

Newly launched K-Pop group BEWAVE joins the BINI craze with the sweetest dance cover yet of the hit song “Salamin, Salamin.”
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The newly debuted K-pop girl group BEWAVE isn’t missing out on the BINI craze! They just dropped the cutest dance cover of the chart-topping hit “Salamin, Salamin,” and it’s a total vibe.

In a YouTube post, the members of the new K-pop group can be seen going aegyo to the upbeat BINI song.

“K-Pop group @bewave_official to Filipino song (SALAMIN, SALAMIN by @biniph),” said @innahbee-hind.

BEWAVE, which debuted on April 17 under GoldDust Entertainment, is a six-member South Korean girl group featuring Zena, Ain, YunSeul, Lena, Jiun, and Gowoon.

Netizens are all in for this crossover moment:

“The cutest cover ever seen>>”

“Omg first time ko nakita na yung kpop idols sumayaw to Ppop songs”

“Inahbee lowkey bringing ppop to kpop.”