Nakama, let’s set sail! ‘One Piece’ rounds up Straw Hats to begin production in Cape Town

The Straw Hats are ready to film the upcoming Netflix hit “One Piece” Live Action Season 2.

Nakama got super hyped after Netflix teased the cast of the Going Merry getting together to begin production “One Piece Live Action” Season 2.

After the massive reception to the first season of the Netflix adaptation of Eichiro Oda’s beloved “One Piece” franchise, Inaki Godoy, who plays the main character Monkey D. Luffy rounded up his crew – first mate/master swordsman Zoro, played by Japanese actor Mackenyu Arata, navigator Nami (Emily Rudd), fighting chef Sanji (Taz Skylar), and slingshot pro Usopp (Jacob Romero) to fly to Cape Town, Africa for the filming.

Netflix also made sure to deliver the best fan service by sharing a shot of the Straw Hats on board the Going Merry, ready to set sail for the Grand Line.

Earlier, Netflix confirmed new cast members to play characters in the upcoming arcs of “One Piece.”  This includes David Dastmalchan, Camrus Johnson, Jazzra Jaslyn, and Daniel Lasker as Baroque Works agents; Clive Russel, Brendan Murray, and Werner Coetser as Crocus, Broggy, and Dorry; as well as Callum Kerr (Smoker), Julia Rehwald (Tashigi), Rob Colleti (Wapo), and Ty Keogh as Dalton.