Nagbayad vs Hindi Nagbayad: Gabby Garcia shares perks of airline nepo baby in travel video with BF Khalil Ramos

Gabby Garcia is one lucky traveler to enjoy the exclusive perks of being a family member of the flight crew.
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Gabby Garcia, proudly dubbed as an “airline nepo baby” due to her mother being a flight attendant, enjoys exclusive perks like free tickets, upgraded seats, VIP lounge stays, and priority check-ins.

In a recent playful jab at her boyfriend Khalil Ramos, Gabby shared a hilarious video showcasing their contrasting travel experiences.

While Gabby indulged in VIP treatment, Khalil had to settle for a regular economy seat and wait with other passengers at the boarding gate—a situation Gabby cheekily documented with Khalil serving as her photographer. Despite the teasing, the lovebirds appeared to be in good spirits upon reaching their destination, showing it was all in good fun.