Move over Salt Bae, here comes Baked Mac Bae: Marikina’s hottest vendor

Enteng Buenaventura skyrocketed to viral fame for selling baked macaroni with a side of good looks.

Move over Salt Bae, there’s a new culinary heartthrob in town and he’s not just sprinkling salt. The latest internet sensation from Marikina City, “Baked Mac Bae” is serving up some delicious baked macaroni with a side of undeniable charm.

Enteng Buenaventura skyrocketed to viral fame when food vloggers gushed over his baked macaroni that’s not only delicious but also easy on the pocket. He charges only Php65 for a 500-gram tub, Php110 for a large tub, and Php750 for a party tray. It’s no wonder he’s earned the title “Baked Mac Bae.”

Enteng and his partner, Rodalyn, started selling baked mac (which he prepares himself) during the pandemic in 2020. Despite the struggles, they persevered and managed to take home Php2,500 to Php3,000 a day.

But since going viral, customers now seek them out, and their earnings have doubled.

“Since noong nag-viral ang video, mas marami pong nakakakilala sa tinitinda namin. Before po kumikita po kami ng Php2,500 to Php3,000 per day, kasama ang puhunan. Ngayon po nadoble siya,” Enteng told Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

While his looks hardly tell of the struggles he faced, Enteng shared that he comes from a broken family, and at one point in his life, he was homeless and collected pig slop to make ends meet. He also put his handsome face to good use by side-hustling as a brand ambassador.