May chemistry yarn? Abi Marquez collabs with Italian hunk QCP to make pancit habhab, Charlie Chan

Lumpia queen Abi Marquez just scored a collab with an Italian content creator to make some fire content.

Abi Marquez recently had a blast collaborating with Italian food content creator QCP, who specializes in pasta dishes.

The Italian chef/hunk learned how to make pancit habhab from the Philippines’ very own Lumpia Queen and said that he was excited because it was something he has not yet done before.


But wait, there’s more. The two popular content creators also put their heads together to create their own version of Charlie Chan pasta.

( Marquez)

While many fans suffered from intense cravings after seeing the food they prepared, some said that the duo had an excellent rapport.

“What if we wrap Lumpia Queen and QCP together?”

“Watching an italian chef and a filipino chef collab is like seeing the president of north korea and south korea hug each other”

“Bat my chemistry?”

“Omg Lumpia queen is soo bagay to qcp!!”