Marina Summers claims her destiny on the Miss Universe Philippines stage

Drag queen Marina Summers made her childhood dream come true when he took the stage in the Miss Universe Philippines.

Marina Summers claimed her destiny to stand on the Miss Universe Philippine stage as she was invited to perform her “AMAFILIPINA” hit from her run in “RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World.”

In a heartfelt post, Marina revealed that being a contestant for Miss Philippines was a dream she cherished since she was a little boy. Growing up in the province, she would fashion gowns out of blankets and towels, sneak into her mom’s room to borrow heels, and practice her pageant entrance relentlessly.

This dream, Marina said, led her to embrace her true self as a proud drag queen, empowering her to follow her path fearlessly.

“Para sa mga nangarap, gustong mangarap, at mga patuloy na nangangarap. Kaya. Kayang kaya,” she said.