Mabuti hindi nagmana! Anne Curtis totally relieved that Dahlia didn’t inherit her singing voice

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff share pride in Dahlia’s piano-playing skills.
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Anne Curtis may have made a career out of her off-key singing, but she’s hoping her daughter finds fame in music the right way.

She recently shared a post of her husband Erwan on Instagram Stories capturing their daughter Dahlia’s budding interest in playing the piano.

Anne also revealed in her post that during her pregnancy, she prayed fervently that Dahlia wouldn’t inherit her less-than-perfect musical talents. To give her daughter a head start, she often played music using Bellybuds every night.

But if music doesn’t become Dahlia’s calling, the little Heussaff might just follow in her foodie father’s footsteps, with a promising future in cooking and a love for food.