Lotion made from local plant is Pinoys’ affordable antifungal fix

The Akapulco lotion, which is found to be as effective as its more expensive counterpart, is a win for local farmers and the Pinoy’s wallet.

Pinoys might not need to spend on expensive antifungal creams!

The University of the Philippines Manila’s National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants has developed an herbal lotion to fight skin fungal infections using a common shrub easily found in the country.

Skin infections are super common among Pinoys due to the hot, humid weather and cramped living conditions, but effective antifungal treatments, which sometimes need to be used for a long time, are often too pricey.

Thanks to the Akapulco plant, also known as Senna alata, the answer might be closer and cheaper than we think.

“Traditional healers and those of other cultures have used this to treat skin diseases. The antifungal activity of Akapulco has been well-documented in various studies,” said Dr. Cecilia Maramba-Lazarte from the Institute of Herbal Medicine in a Philippine News Agency report.

Researchers tested Akapulco lotion on 726 patients in several studies, and it worked just as well as expensive antifungal creams but with fewer side effects, she noted.

Aside from offering Pinoys a cheaper way to treat skin fungal infections, the Akapulco lotion will also help boost local agriculture and reduce dependence on imported drugs.