Lorin and Venice Bektas share how they are defying the ‘broken home’ label, embracing family love without a father figure

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez and daughters Lorin and Venice open up about their journey defying broken home stereotypes and thriving in a non-traditional family.

It’s been over a decade since actress Ruffa Guttierrez split with her ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas but she and her daughters have thrived as a close-knit family, free from bitterness and pain.

In an interview with broadcaster Karen Davila on her vlog, Ruffa’s daughters Lorin, 20, and Venice, 19, proudly declared that despite growing up without their father, they never felt like they came from a broken home.

“My mom gave me everything I needed and gave me all the love my father didn’t give,” shared Venice during the interview as she reflected on their upbringing.

“Honestly, growing up without a father, of course, it’s hard. But just because you come from a broken family, it doesn’t mean that you are broken,” added Lorin.

The Bektas sister also credited their extended Gutierrez family for providing them with massive support, which helped make their childhood feel complete despite the absence of a traditional father figure.

“Luckily, our mom’s side of the family has always been the most amazing support system. She has so many brothers, our grandparents. It never felt like an empty home,” said Lorin.

“We were always surrounded with so much love. Sure it wasn’t a typical father figure but we had our lolo, mom, and even amazing yayas. They provided so much support,” she added.

For her part, Ruffa shared advice for women, particularly wives, underscoring the importance of financial independence: “It was difficult at the beginning. You just learn to accept it. You learn to grow. You learn to fend for yourself and support your children.”

“It’s very important that you are independent,” she continued. “Kahit ano mangyari sa marriage nyo, kaya mo bumangon ulit. It’s very important you earn your own keep. That’s what I’m doing until now.”