Living their best lives! How one persistent neighbor kid made this dog’s life so much brighter

A kid and a golden retriever became best friends because of the child’s persistence.

A post from furmom Monica Isabel has netizens going “aww” as she shared the story of how her dog found a best friend in a neighborhood kid.

Isabel’s post revealed how often she gets asked about how her furbaby started playing with the children in their neighborhood, especially with one kid who shares a special bond with her golden retriever, Trexy.

In the video, one can see the child and the dog being incredibly sweet to each other, having the time of their lives running around.

Isabel explained that Trexy is living his best life thanks to the persistence of one neighbor kid who never stopped asking if her dog could come out and play.

“To the one kid that never gave up asking, pwede siya laruin? You pushed us and now Trexy’s life became so much brighter,” she said.