‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ star Kevin Durand pays tribute to Francis M: ‘Mga Kababayan’ holds a special place in his heart

“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” actor Kevin Durand shares how the late Francis Magalona’s music touched his life.

In a heartwarming tribute to the late “Master Rapper” Francis Magalona, Canadian actor Kevin Durand, known for his role in the film “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” revealed how Francis M’s iconic song “Mga Kababayan” left a lasting impression on him.

In an interview clip with DJ Gino Quillamor posted on Instagram, Kevin reminisced about his childhood friend introducing him to Francis M’s music.

“We grew up together and we would listen to Francis M. ‘Mga kababayan ko… Ako ay Pilipino’,” recalled Kevin.

For the actor, Francis M’s music made him fully embrace the Philippine brand of hospitality. “Whenever I speak to people from the Philippines, I feel so at home with you guys. I wanna go to your mom’s house and eat some of the delicious food,” Kevin shared.

Kevin is set to star in the fourth installment of the “Planet of the Apes” franchise, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” as Proximus Caesar. This ambitious chimpanzee monarch leads a coastal clan of apes searching for human technologies.

Told by the hosts that they were friends with the children of the late “Master Rapper,” in true Filipino spirit, Kevin immediately sent a shout-out to the Magalonas.

“Please tell them that Proximus sends his love,” said Kevin.

Gino gladly obliged as he tagged Saab, Maxene, and Elmo Magalona in the Instagram post.

“Hi @saabmagalona @maxenemagalona @elmomagalona thought you guys should hear this,” wrote Gino in his post.