‘King of the Road’ finds new kingdom! The iconic Pinoy jeepney is turning heads in Canada—Here’s why

The Pinoy jeepney emerges in Canada, and Filipinos there are loving it!

In the Philippines, the iconic jeepney faces phase-out by the government’s modernization program. Street protests and transport strikes have become a regular scene as jeepney drivers refuse to give up their beloved “King of the Road.”

While this battle rages in the Philippines, the classic “dyip” has been spotted on the other side of the world—in Canada, no less!

TikTok user Chelzky recently captured a colorful Philippine jeepney cruising down Canadian streets. “Eiii KUYA Para po XD,” Chelzky captioned the video, adding, “May nawawala po na jeep sa Canada.”

@iddu_chel Eiii KUYA Para po😂😂😁 XD#canada_life🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️ #fyp #pilipinas #jeepney ♬ Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas – Angeline Quinto

In another YouTube video, RJ21 showed Filipinos in Canada enjoying rides—some for the first time—on a Pinoy jeep at a community event. “Jeepney Or Dyip from Philippines to Canada,” captioned RJ21.

Netizens are bursting with Pinoy pride, seeing their beloved jeepney make a splash abroad:

“proud jeep sa canada sa pinas face (phase) out ha.”

“buti pa canada. Samantalang sa pinas pinaalis na ang jeep”

“pinapaalis sila sa pinas kaya lilipat nalang daw sila sa ibang bansa na tatanggapin sila.”

“sna Meron nyan sa taiwan”