Kendra Kramer voices ‘Joy’ like a pro at Disney Pixar Studios tour—Watch her shine!

Kendra Kramer was given the chance to do voice acting for “Joy” during a tour of the Disney Pixar studios.

Kendra Kramer recently got an exclusive tour of Disney Pixar Studios ahead of the “Inside Out 2” premiere. Along with the other guests, she got a firsthand look at the magic behind creating a feature-length animated film.

But the highlight was when Kendra stepped into the sound booth to try her hand at voice acting. She voiced a scene where Joy and the other emotions meet Anxiety for the first time—and she absolutely nailed it! Her timing and reactions were spot-on, showing major promise as a future voice actor.

A lot of her fans praised her, especially since she did a good job as a first-timer.

“Oh my gosh! Kendra, you did it!!!”

“I loved her dub. Maybe a little bit of ‘joy’”

“she nailed it! so good”

“Omg kendra perfect voice i love it dear”

“Wow so proud of your kendra”