Kanin na lang kulang! R’Bonney Gabriel cooks sinigang for the first time and it’s absolutely adorable

Miss Universe 2022 R'Bonney Gabriel tries her hand at cooking the classic Filipino dish, sinigang, and gets mixed results.
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Miss Universe 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel has been on an exciting journey reconnecting with her Filipino roots in the Philippines. Her latest adventure? Tackling the classic Filipino dish: sinigang.

In an Instagram post, R’Bonney shared her kitchen escapade, whipping up sinigang na salmon with a little help from her Ate Carla.

“This is my first time making sinigang. It’s my favorite. And Carla is gonna help me. Magluluto ako ng Sinigang na Salmon,” said R’Bonney.

R’Bonney nailed the recipe, following Carla’s instructions to a T, from the spices to the veggies to the seasoning. But her salmon-cutting skills left a bit to be desired. Carla couldn’t help but say, “Durog durog ang salmon!” R’Bonney, ever the good sport, quipped back, “I’m still gonna eat it though.”

Her mom, Dana, who isn’t typically a fan of sinigang, gave her a glowing review. “A 9 and a half (on a scale of 1 to 10),” she praised.

But there’s a plot twist: they had no cooked rice to pair with the sinigang. Crisis averted, though, thanks to Carla and their amazing neighbors. “Real neighbors give you rice,” captioned R’Bonney in a follow-up post.