Joaquin Domagoso: Why he’s ready to go back to school and be a better dad

Actor Joaquin Domagoso is out to redeem himself, not for the sake of his father, Isko Moreno, but for the future of his son, Scott.

Actor Joaquin Domagoso, son of actor-turned-politician Isko Moreno, didn’t finish college and became a father at 20. His dad’s disappointment over his incomplete education has been a constant issue between them.

In an interview with talent manager Ogie Diaz on his vlog, Joaquin shared the challenges he faces as a young dad, including the financial strain of raising a baby.

“Ako yung may problema din talaga. May baby boy na ako, hindi ako nagbalik pa sa school,” he revealed.

He also acknowledged his dad’s frustration: “In my head, gets ko yung pain niya (Isko). Hindi siya nagagalit kasi gusto niya magalit. Nagagalit siya kasi sinasayang namin opportunities namin. Kasi ang mga opportunities na sinasabi ko, gustong gusto ng ibang tao, pero ako parang binabalewala ko.”

Realizing the importance of education and responsibility, Joaquin is determined to turn things around and plans to return to school.

“Tumakbo ako sa responsibilities ko bilang estudyante, which I shouldn’t have done kahit nag-artista ako. This year, plano ko na talaga bumalik,” he said.

Joaquin also aims for stability in his career and personal life, balancing his work with GMA and his family business, Ugbo 24/7. “I wanna look for more stable things. I love my job sa GMA. I love what I do here (Ugbo). Combine the two together and it has become a blessing for me,” he said.

But his motivation for self-improvement isn’t just to appease his dad or make it up to him but to be a better person for his son, Scott.

“The pain I get from just being at home and not do anything, it’s like I’m wasting my life. My clock is always ticking,” he said. “Yung mindset ko na ganun, wala yun before nung wala pa akong baby. Before, I can just stay home all day. But now, if I just stay home, I feel like wala ng future ang baby ko.”