Japan things! Kansai International Airport has a 30-year streak of no lost luggage—Here’s how they do it

Kansai International Airport in Japan has maintained the extraordinary feat of zero lost baggage since it started operating in September 1994.

If you’re flying out from Kansai International Airport in Japan, you can rest easy about your luggage.

This airport, serving Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, is celebrating 30 years of operations with a perfect record of not losing a single bag since opening in September 1994 despite handling 30 million passengers and 11 million pieces of luggage annually.

Other major international airports are surely curious about how they pulled it off, but there’s no secret to share.

“The ground handling staff at Kansai International Airport is nothing special,” Kenji Takanishi, an airport spokesperson said in a Newsweek report.

Instead, Takanishi attributed this success to a system of redundancies that ensures that each piece of luggage reaches its correct destination.

He added that the ground handling staff follows a comprehensive manual that outlines the rules of loading and unloading cargo for each airline. Regular information sharing is also part of their multilayered approach, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.