Ina Raymundo’s real talk on finding the perfect partner: Focus on your glow, sis!

Actress and fitness buff Ina Raymundo credits her hubby, Brian Poturnak, for being a positive influence in her life.

Actress Ina Raymundo, famously known as the “Sabado Nights Girl” in the mid-90s to early 2000s, was the ultimate poster girl for parties and night-outs—an image that had the potential to attract the wrong crowd.

But in her interview with broadcaster Karen Davila on her vlog, Ina revealed that she was lucky to meet her husband, Brian Poturnak, who became a major positive influence in her life.

Ina met Brian at age 24, and they got married in 2003.

“It’s important talaga to find the right partner for you,” said Ina. “Kung naging jowa ko ay into bisyo (vices), it’s so easy to be influenced by that person,” she pointed out.

It was Brian, among others, who inspired her to start working out and become a fitness buff. “Si Brian, fitspiration ko siya. Siya nagopen ng eyes ko na kailangan magwork out para maging fit ka,” she recalled.

Since then, Ina has dedicated herself to fitness, spending an hour a day working out in their home gym.

The actress also advised today’s youth to focus on their studies and relationships with family and friends, rather than rushing into finding a life partner.

“If you’re young, focus on your studies and have amazing friends and spend time with your siblings and parents. Yung lovelife, mga mid 20s na. At that age, medyo aware ka na na if he could be the one,” said Ina.